Steel wire-reinforced thermoplastic urethane duct. Romax ProFlex-U is very abrasion resistant while remaining flexible.

Available in 4 wall thicknesses to cover a wide variety of applications: Proflex-U20 for applications that require more flexibility, Proflex-U30 a good general purpose duct, Proflex-U45 for more abrasive applications like leaf collection or material handling, and heavy duty Proflex-U60.

  • Size Range: 2″ through 24″. Metric sizes available.
  • Temperature Range: -50°F to 200°F.
  • Standard Lengths: 25′ and 50′.
  • Color: Clear or black. Custom colors by request.
  • Free of halogens and surface oils.
  • UV stabilized, oil and fungal resistant.
  • Suggest Uses: Materials handling applications where abrasion resistance and rigorous flexing is required. Leaf collection, Lawn Maintenance, Mulch blowing, dust collection, CNC Wood working, wood chip handling, grain vacuum, oil mist collection, sandblast recovery.